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Oscar Contest to Win an AirFloss

February 19th, 2015


This is Oscar Week.  Many of us enjoy the spectacle of the Academy Awards in Hollywood.  I like watching just to see the sun (I think I remember what that is!).   Anyway, Hollywood is notorious for rumors and gossip.   I have some dental gossip to share.  Sonicare is rumored to be introducing a new and improved AirFloss at next weeks Chicago Dental Meeting!  That is about as exciting as dental gossip gets!  Ok, Call me lame.

I love the AirFloss!  Most of you have heard Brittany, Katie, and me preach how using the AirFloss to irrigate with CloSys has shown to markedly reduce gingival inflammation.  Controlling inflammation is a key to oral and total body health.  Patients who use the AirFloss with CloSys have shown dramatic improvement.  I use it myself!

Leave a comment below by March 1, 2015 to be entered to win one of two AirFloss units.  If the gossip is true, it will be one of the new and improved units.  Good luck!

CloSys Coupon Link

February 18th, 2015

We have seen tremendous improvement in the oral health of our patients who have been using CloSys mouth rinse and toothpaste.  Reduced inflammation and less bleeding is a common result.  Our recommended home care regimen can be viewed at our website.

CloSys coupons are available at their website:  CloSys Coupons.

Let us know how you like CloSys.

Good Books I Have Read Recently

February 17th, 2015

Even This I Get To Experience by Norman Lear-Highly entertaining book by a the 94 year old Norman Lear.  I enjoyed this immensely.

“The Norman Lear who emerges from ‘Even This I Get to Experience’ is engaging and unpompous, an amusing storyteller who pokes fun at himself and writes with brutal honesty about his life, especially his childhood.”


The Mitch Rapp series of books (14 of them) by Vince Flynn-great action adventure books

These are so much fun.  If you are a fan of shows like Homeland or 24, you will really enjoy these.

Let us know your reading suggestions.



Our Hygiene Team

February 17th, 2015


Our Hygiene Team:  Katie, Michelle, and Brittany

Not long ago, an appointment to get your teeth cleaned meant getting your teeth cleaned and that’s about it.   With advancements in dental care, new technology, and the research linking oral health with your general health, your cleaning appointment has become much more.  Our goal is to help you keep your teeth for a longer lifetime.   Notice longer lifetime.  Your Oral Health is tied to your general health.  With that in mind, your hygiene appointment has become increasingly important.  Our hygienists need to accomplish quite a bit at each hygiene visit.  Each visit can include:

  • A review of your medical and dental history with a blood pressure screening
  • Review of your home care
  • X-rays, photos, and other images when needed
  • An evaluation of your teeth and gums
  • An enhanced oral cancer screening utilizing the VelScope enhanced oral cancer sreening system
  • A thorough cleaning of your teeth
  • Application of Fluoride
  • Home care recommendations
  • Treatment recommendations

That’s a lot to squeeze into an hour!  Oh and don’t forget that all the data collected needs to be recorded so we can monitor your progress.  Also, don’t forget your hygienist reviews all that data before you arrive for your appointment, that way she is well prepared when you arrive.

Our team works very hard to provide you the best care possible.  After all, that’s what you deserve.  Our implementation of advanced treatments and technologies allows you the best chance of achieving and maintaining optimal health.  How to fit these into a one hour hygiene visit can be a challenge.   We are constantly searching for the best way to structure your hygiene appointment, both allowing us to incorporate the additional services and technologies into an hour hygiene appointment and keep the appointment affordable.

Most practices have chosen to charge for each individual service.  As an example, the average fee for the enhanced oral cancer exam is $45.00.  Most offices also charge additionally for Fluoride application and some of the imaging we include at no additional cost.  This quickly escalates the cost and often makes these services unaffordable for many patients.  We believe these services are important for everyone and we have chosen not to charge individually for these services, but rather to bundle the fee in an effort to best make these services affordable for all our patients.

For the past few years we have been utilizing a Hygiene Assistant.  This makes our Hygienists more effective.  The hygiene assistant helps with chart audits, x-rays, charting, suctioning, room set-up, and patient education.  Michelle is our Hygiene Assistant.  She was certified in Coronal Polishing and Sealant placement in 2000, so she may be polishing your teeth and completing your hygiene appointment.    That allows our Hygienists an opportunity to be sure your charting is updated to ensure we can accurately follow your progress at each visit.

Rest assured we always have your best interest in mind.  We are continuously working behind the scenes to improve the experience and care you receive in our office.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.


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