Dentistry for Kids

When you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Mundelein, Anthony Markiewicz DDS strives to be your choice. We aim to provide the widest range of dental services that you’ll find when it comes to Mundelein family dentistry. Our mission is to help all our patients keep their teeth for a longer lifetime. It’s important to realize though, that a lifetime of great oral health must start when your child is an infant. Even your child’s primary teeth must be maintained with the utmost care.

The Importance of Primary Teeth

 Kids developing jaws and teeth.

Even though your child will eventually lose his or her primary (baby) teeth, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be taken care of. Primary teeth play a critical role when it comes to dental health by accomplishing the following:

  • Primary teeth act as the guides for the eruption of permanent (adult) teeth. They hold the spaces where the permanent teeth will erupt. Primary teeth will naturally fall out when the crowns of the permanent teeth push against their roots. This allows the permanent teeth to take their proper place.
  • Your child’s primary teeth will help your child to bite, chew, and speak.
  • Getting in the habit of taking good care of primary teeth will lead to good dental habits for permanent teeth.

Your Child's First Teeth

 Kids mouth anatomy.

Your child’s 20 primary teeth will first appear at around six to nine months. Your baby may experience teething discomfort during this process, so if this happens to be a problem, please let us know and we can advise you on how to best treat it.

Your baby’s gums and erupting teeth should be gently wiped after each feeding with a small, damp washcloth or a water-soaked gauze pad. At around the age of two, when there are more teeth in your child’s mouth, start to establish a brushing routine using a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and just a thin smear of fluoride toothpaste. Your child may need help with this until the age of six.

Your Child's First Dental Appointment

Age one dental visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child’s first visit with us is by the time of his or her first birthday. This may sound a bit early, but it’s a good idea for the following reasons:

  •  This gives us the perfect opportunity to teach you about proper oral hygiene techniques.
  • We can check for cavities. There are a number of forms of tooth decay that can affect infants and small children. Tooth decay can develop at a rapid pace, going from the hard outer enamel layer of a tooth to the softer insides of a tooth within six months.
  • We can watch for developmental problems.
  • Most importantly, we want your child to develop a positive image of the dentist so your child will look forward to any visits for years to come.

Pediatric Dental Treatments

Our Mundelein office provides a wide array of dental treatments in order to prevent tooth decay and repair teeth. Some of our treatments include:
Topical Fluoride – Fluoride incorporates into the enamel of teeth, making them harder and also more resistant to decay. Toothpastes and some drinking water contain a small amount of fluoride, though if needed, we can apply a higher concentration of fluoride onto your child’s teeth for more protection.

Dental Sealants – Dental sealants are plastic coatings that seal the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. These grooves, known as ‘pits and fissures,’ are naturally perfect environments for trapping decay-causing bacteria. By placing a sealant, it will make bacteria less likely to be trapped in the chewing surfaces. Sealants are easy to apply and will provide years of protection.

Root Canal Treatment – A root canal treatment is used to save an injured or severely decayed tooth. This treatment isn’t only used on permanent teeth, but it can be used on primary teeth as well. Saving a primary tooth from a premature loss can help prevent a malocclusion (bad bite) that may require future orthodontic treatment.

Bonding – When there are chips and minor fractures to front teeth, they can be repaired with tooth-colored bonding materials. These lifelike resins made of plastic and glass can be used on both primary and permanent teeth.

Orthodontic Concerns

 Orthodontic Problems.

It’s recommended to see an orthodontist at around the age of seven. At this age, most malocclusions have become evident. Interceptive orthodontic treatment at this time can help with proper tooth positioning and jaw growth. It can simplify or even eliminate the need for later treatment. Many orthodontic problems can be treated early, which is why a professional should evaluate your child at a young age.

Sports & Teeth Safety

According to the American Dental Association, an athlete is about 60 times more likely to suffer from dental damage if he or she isn’t wearing a mouthguard. We can have a mouthguard custom-made in our Mundelein office using a model of your child’s teeth. This custom-made mouthguard will offer greater protection than an off-the-shelf model. Not only will wearing a mouthguard reduce pain and suffering, but it’s also an investment that will pay off by reducing dental expenses down the road.

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