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August Contest; the Olympics Edition

Thank you to all who entered our Hamilton Contest.  We hope the winners enjoy that wonderfully entertaining music and the inspiring stories of our Founding Fathers and the founding or our nation.

The Olympics never fail to generate inspirational stories, like the story of the Syrian Refugee who escaped Syria and is now swimming in the Olympics.   Most Olympic athletes train their entire lives to compete in an Olympic games.  This is their moment to shine.

I like to watch the Olympic Marathon.  I kind of know some of these guys!  I have raced with them in Chicago and Dublin (HA!).  More accurately, I have run the same 26.2 miles they did, only at a much, much slower pace, but it is fun to run the same race as these world class athletes.

Our August contest honors Olympic Athletes.

Just enter the contest to be eligible for a raffle drawing to win a $50.00 RoadRunner Sports gift card

If you want a chance to win a Nike Fitbit, you will need to do some thinking.  For those of us training for the Chicago Marathon, August begins a significant ramping up of training miles.  If you want a chance at a Fitbit, you will need to guess how many miles I will run in August.  The contestant who guesses closest to the actual miles I run in August gets the Fitbit.  If there is a tie(s), those tied will enter into a raffle for a Fitbit.  The winner gets a Fitbit and the runner(s)-up a gift card.

Hint:  I plan to run 4 days per week with one long run each week.  My longest run in August will be 20 miles.  Remember, this is the plan.  Life sometimes gets in the way.

Best of luck!

Enter by 8/31/2016 to be eligible.

BTW:  I am excited to have my daughter Michelle, sons David and Joseph, and David's girlfriend Erica all running the Marathon this year.  We are all part of the CrossRoads Runners Team, running to eradicate poverty.

marathon team

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