We Love Our Business Team

We Love Our Business Team
Posted on 10/17/2016

We Know You Love Our Business Team and So Do We! 

Business Team

                                                     Missy,              Erin            Elizabeth

It all begins with a phone call.  When you call our office, you will more than likely get to speak with one of our Business Team members.  So often, I am thanked by one of our patients for "squeezing them in" to help with a dental issue.  "Don't thank me", I respond, "thank our Business Team".  They are the ones who juggled the schedule to help you out.  If you need an appointment, have a question about making treatment affordable, or have a dental emergency, it's one of our Business Team members that helps you.

We can only Help you keep your teeth for a longer lifetime if we have a team in sync with our mission.  Our Business Team is in sync with our mission.  While they may not be directly involved with the delivery of dental care, we could not function without them.  It is our Business Team that makes everything work.

Our Business Team is the "face" of our practice.  Call our office and it is the "smiling voice" of a Business Team member.  They help you with whatever you need.  Have a toothache, they help.  Have a question, they help.  Need help making treatment affordable, they help. 

The members of our Business Team have very different backgrounds, but what they all have in common is they care!

Missy has been a team member since 1995.  She is an invaluable member of our team.  Her infectious personality and smile bring joy into any encounter.  She spent most of her career as a dental assistant and is a fully credentialed Certified Dental Assistant.  A few years ago she transitioned to our Business Team.  Her clinical experience really helps the communication between the business team and clinical team.  Missy is now a member of the prestigious American Association of Dental Office Managers

Erin is our newest business team member, joining our practice in 2015.  Erin has been a fast learner. She has a business background that has proven to be very helpful as she transitions into working in a dental practice.  Erin is our Treatment Coordinator, serving as the connection between our hygiene team and the business team.  Erin shares the common trait of all our team members, she cares!

Elizabeth is the "behind the scenes" team member.  She is often out front, helping whenever needed, but she really focuses "behind the scenes".  Insurance is her thing.  Someones got to do it.  Dealing with insurance is an integral part of making treatment affordable.  It is often  a frustrating and thankless job, but Elizabeth has it under control.   Elizabeth also manages a number of compliance issues.  As a dental office, we have a number of regulatory compliance rules we need to follow.  Again, another thankless job.

Elizabeth has a finance degree and is one of less than 200 individuals to earn a Fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Managers.  Of course, Elizabeth shares the common trait of "caring" with Missy and Erin.  She will do whatever she can to help you.

So, while our Business Team may not be directly involved with delivering your dental care, they are absolutely necessary.  I am so grateful for our competent, trustworthy, and caring Business Team.  Join me in thanking them for all they do.

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