We all Love Brittany and Katie

We all Love Brittany and Katie
Posted on 10/15/2016

How Do We Know You Love Our Hygienists!

How Do We Know?

You Tell Me!

Brittany and Katie


Helping You Keep Your Teeth For a Longer Lifetime requires great Preventive Dental Maintenance.  Our  Dental Hygienist's not only provide preventive dental care, but they also act as your coach and educator.  Brittany and Katie have no peers!  They are clinically excellent hygienists, but that is only a small portion of their role in our office.  First of all, they are just really caring and nice individuals who are fun to be around. Secondly, they really care about you, our patients.  They spend hours preparing for each visit, discussing ideas with each other and with me, as to the best methods to help you achieve and maintain your oral health.  They always have a plan when you arrive!

Brittany and Katie are innovators.  Many of the clinical additions and changes you have seen over the years come from their suggestions on how we can provide you even better care.  They do helpkeep me on my toes.‚Äč  They not only make our practice better, they make me better!

I have told some of you this before, last May, as I sat in the auditorium watching my daughter Michelle and her hygiene class graduate from the Dental Hygiene program at the College of Lake County, I could not help but wonder if the graduates really understand what their roll should be as Preventive Health Professionals.  I don’t think they did.  That is an observation and not a criticism.  Dentistry and dental hygiene are undergoing a significant shift due to the current research showing links between poor oral health, primarily periodontal disease, and serious chronic diseases.  Research continues to clarify the links, but it is apparent in study after study, the links exist.  

Speaking for Brittany and Katie as well as myself, we are reviewing the research and modifying our approach to preventive care.  We really are trying to Help You Keep Your Teeth For A Longer Lifetime. 

(See my blog for more on the ling between gum disease and your health)

Join me in thanking Brittany and Katie for all they do!

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