We Love Our Dental Assistants!

We Love Our Dental Assistants!
Posted on 10/17/2016

 We Love Our Dental Assistants!


                                        Sara             Anna               Jennifer               Michelle

I don't know what I would do without our Dental Assistants.  They do so much to help you, our patients and ME!  They are integral to helping you keep your teeth for a longer lifetime.

Most of you recognize all that our Dental Assistants do that is directly involved in delivering dental care.  They help Brittany, Katie, and me perform clinical dental procedures.  They are very competent and caring at assisting us deliver dental care.  What you may not realize is all they do behind the scenes.  We hope you notice how choreographed your appointments are.  Sure, I review the clinical information prior to your visit, but it is the dental assistants who do the rest.  You like a pillow, they know; don't like topical; they know; you need to get out by 3:00 to pick up your children, they know.  They make me look good, but more importantly, they make your visits to our office as convenient and comfortable as possible.    

Our assistants play a huge role in our daily flow.  What that means to you, is we see you on-time more than 95% of the time.  Our assistants are also responsible for your safety by ensuring clean and sterile treatment rooms and instruments (How we insure your safety), they keep track of supplies, lab cases, and often spend their days directing me in what direction to head next.

Our team of Dental Assistants work together so well, because each has a different strength.  They compliment each other so well.

Michelle is our Hygiene Assistant.  She has been with us since 1996.  She spends her day helping Brittany and Katie.  Yep, she is out-numbered, but she does a great job balancing the needs of Katie and Brittany and most importantly you, our patients.  She has to be a master of many skills, both clinically and administratively.  She does a great job.

Sara has been with us since 2014. She is extremely organized, but her greatest asset is her level of caring.  Many of you have experienced how Sara can be your greatest advocate.  She will do whatever she can to make you comfortable.  She really does "feel your pain", but more importantly, she will do whatever is necessary to help you feel comfortable,  Yep, she helps make me look good, but she really helps make you feel good while see balances family and school along with work.

It is hard to imagine that Anna joined our practice just this year.  She is so genuine and full of energy, I feel like I have known her forever.  Anna is an excellent dental assistant.  She is well organized and extremely efficient.  She also is a wonderful cook who often shares some of her culinary creations.  It is a testament to her skills and integrity that I came to trust her so quickly.

Jennifer is our newest team member.  She is a new mom who has returned to work part-time.  She is a very skilled assistant who is finding her roll in our office.  I hired her not only because of her experience and skills, but more so because she cares.  

Join me in thanking our Dental Assistants for all they do!

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