The Markiewicz Dental Difference and All-on-4
At Markiewicz Dental, Dr. Anthony and Dr. David Markiewicz have completed specialized training in restoring and treating patients who need all their teeth replaced. Patients who are missing all or many teeth can often struggle with eating, speaking, and smiling. All-on-4 treatment offers immediate results that dramatically improve functioning and confidence for our patients. We work with some of the most advanced oral surgeons and dental labs in the area to provide our patients with this incredible and life-altering treatment option.

What is an All-on-4?
All-on-4 refers to all teeth in an arch being supported by just four dental implants. For patients who suffer the pain, embarrassment, and inconvenience of tooth loss, All-on-4 treatment offers the ability to walk into the dental office with either very few teeth or no teeth and leave the same day with a brand new beautiful smile! This proven implant treatment concept has revolutionized the way dentists think of replacing a full set of teeth by offering a long-term, permanent solution in just one visit.

How does an All-on-4 work?
All-on-4 treatment is a multi-disciplinary procedure, meaning we coordinate with many specialists to ensure your treatment is smooth. At one appointment, your remaining teeth are removed, four implants are placed, and a fixed full arch prosthesis is screwed into place. Unlike dentures or partials, the All-on-4 prosthesis remains in position and is not removed. This type of revolutionary treatment is possible due to new advanced digital and 3-D implant technologies that have previously not been available in the past.

This Markiewicz Dental patient struggled with decayed and loose teeth for most of his adult life. This led to issues with eating, speaking, and smiling. In just one visit, his smile changed dramatically due to the all-on-four procedure. His teeth were replaced with a fixed prosthesis. Unlike dentures or partials, these teeth are screwed into place and do not need to be removed.

Who is a good candidate for an All-on-4?
The All-on-4 treatment is recommended for patients who are edentulous and/or need to replace the majority of the teeth in their mouth.

How long does an All-on-4 procedure take?
The All-on-4 treatment is completed in just one day! Typically one arch of treatment takes 4-5 hours. The treatment is completed under IV sedation and local anesthesia, meaning patients are comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Patients walk into their appointment with many missing or decayed teeth and leave a few hours later with a brand new and beautiful smile.