At Markiewicz Dental, each smile is custom designed for the patient’s face and taste. Our talented team works to make sure each and every dental restoration is both functional and beautiful.


This patient was looking to improve her smile. Dr. David worked with a team of specialists, including an orthodontist, periodontist, and lab technician to create a great final result. This patient’s smile transformation included crowns on her front four teeth. These crowns were fabricated using layered zirconia, which created a very natural and beautiful final result. Dr. David has a passion for cosmetic dentistry – he is committed to making all dental restorations functional and beautiful at the same time.

This young female patient came to Dr. David and wanted her front eight teeth re-done to improve her smile. She already had two implants placed at a previous office, which made restoring them slightly difficult. However, Dr. David worked with a high-end dental laboratory to design two custom angled dental implant crowns to improve their appearance and look. Her other six teeth were restored with high quality layered zirconia crowns, which appear beautiful yet natural. This patient said she cannot stop smiling since having her cosmetic treatment completed!

This young female patient was dissatisfied with the appearance of her front teeth and needed multiple crowns done to restore her smile. The patient said of her experience, “Dr. David restored my smile and was confident for me when I was full of anxiety that there’s no way my teeth could be fixed how I had hoped in my head they could be. He pulled off the impossible and my friends keep joking that I’m smiling more than is necessary I am so happy with his work and am just so thankful for him and his team.”

This patient had an unfortunate biking accident and broke multiple teeth. Dr. Markiewicz worked with specialists and lab technicians to restore her smile using a delicate combination of bondings, crowns, and implants. According to the patient, “Dr. Markiewicz’s professionalism, attention to details, and caring about patient, all made me feel that this is the doctor I want to go with.”

This male patient had difficulty smiling and did not like the appearance of his teeth. Dr. Markiewicz worked closely with specialists to transform this patient’s smile in ONE day! This patient had teeth removed and implants placed simultaneously during his transformation appointment. Working closely with specialists and lab technicians, Dr. Markiewicz was able to give this patient his smile and confidence back.

This female patient had a retained baby tooth in the front of her mouth that needed to be removed. Dr. Markiewicz planned diligently to have the patient in a provisional the same day her tooth was removed – he wanted to ensure she never went a day without her front tooth. Following some healing time, a final bridge was made that utilized some of the highest quality lab materials available. After her treatment (and some whitening), this patient’s smile is looking incredible! Dr. Markiewicz aims to make his dental restorations invisible by making them appear as natural as possible.

This female patient had staining on her teeth that she was not happy with. Dr. David helped improve her smile with a combination of crowns and veneers to give her the smile she wanted. He worked closely with the lab technicians to develop a tooth shape and appearance that the patient was looking for. All-ceramic e.max crowns were used to restore her smile – these crowns have no metal in them and offer a natural look.

This patient first saw Dr. David without any teeth and wanted dentures to help restore his smile. The patient was unsure exactly what he wanted his new teeth to look like, so Dr. David used a 3D software to show the patient digital mock-ups of what he would look like with various shapes, sizes, and shades of teeth. The patient decided he wanted a natural smile so people did not suspect he had dentures. Dr. David used a wax-model (pictured left) to identify exactly where the new teeth should go. The results speak for themselves! The patient was extremely happy with the results.

This patient had multiple missing teeth wanted them replaced. Dr. Markiewicz was able to give this patient the Hollywood white smile that he wanted! Some patients want natural colored teeth, some want bright white – our team at Markiewicz Dental will always listen to what the patient wants before deciding on the final shape and color of the teeth.

This patient was dissatisfied with the cant (or angle) in her smile. She did not like how the teeth on one side appeared shorter than on the other side. Although these cants can be extremely difficult to fix, Dr. Markiewicz used a series of detailed steps to correct this patient’s smile so it appeared much more symmetrical. The patient was extremely excited about her transformation!

Sometimes the smallest and most conservative dentistry is the best. This patient chipped his front tooth and wanted it fixed. Using composite bonding, Dr. David was able to fix this chip in just under 15 minutes! For smaller chips or breaks, composite bonding is a conservative way to restore front teeth. When given the mirror after the chip was fixed, this patient responded, “Wow! That’s like magic, I can’t tell anything ever happened!”

Here’s another example of some chipped teeth following an accident. However, this time it was Dr. Markiewicz working some composite bonding magic. He was able to restore this patient’s smile in one appointment. He was able to match the shape and shade of the patient’s existing tooth to make his bonding look invisible.

Front teeth tend to get all the glory in dentistry; however, back teeth are important too. This patient saw Dr. David with an old filling and cavity on a back molar tooth. He was able to remove the cavity and restore this tooth using a lab-made ceramic onlay. Although almost no-one would ever see this (since it’s in the back), our dentists take pride in their work and want all restorations to be both functional and beautiful.

Our dentists aren’t the only ones at our office with incredible before & after transformations. At Markiewicz Dental, we have a team of extremely talented and certified dental hygienists. Sometimes all you need is a good cleaning. Like many of us, this patient loves coffee and he began seeing stains build-up on his lower teeth. Our hygienist was able to clean off the stains at his hygiene visit, which absolutely transformed the appearance of his teeth. Regular cleanings and hygiene appointments not only are good for your oral health, but they are also good for the appearance of your smile.

At Markiewicz Dental, we offer professional in-office Zoom whitening. For those looking to improve the brightness of their smile, this professional whitening experience offers immediate results. This patient saw a dramatic improvement in the color of her smile. The results speak for themselves! This was accomplished at our office in just 90 minutes.