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Do You Have Questions About Full Dentures?

June 19th, 2019

When a patient experiences the loss of all teeth in an arch, the most common treatment is a full denture.

A full denture consists of teeth inserted in a pink acrylic base (color of your gums).  Full dentures not only allow a patient to chew, but also can provide excellent esthetics and help with speech.

At Markiewicz Dental, we have helped restore our patients to function with full dentures since 1988.  There is no need to be fearful or embarrassed.  We know how to help.

Every patient presents with unique circumstances, but four scenarios are common.

  • A patient has worn dentures for years and needs a new set. Often the patient wants improvement in esthetics and/or function.
  • A patient will be losing their reaming teeth and will need dentures for the first time. (Dentures can be fabricated prior to extractions and delivered at time of extractions)
  • A patient has no teeth, but has never had dentures.
  • A patient has either lost or damaged their existing dentures and needs a new set asap.

So, don’t worry, we at Markiewicz Dental can help.

Our process:

  1. Evaluation including needed x-rays and photographs
  2. Discussion of your unique wants and needs.
  3. A detailed treatment plan including all fees and steps (including a timeline to completion).
  4. Once treatment begins, the common steps are:
    1. Impressions of your jaws
      1. Recording of your lip position, smile, and bite to allow set-up of teeth for try-in.
      2. Selection of tooth color and shape
    2. Try-in of preliminary denture set-up. We will evaluate the denture set-up for esthetics and function.  If we all agree the set-up is ideal, we will have the denture processed for delivery.  If we want to improve the set-up, we will.
    3. Delivery of the dentures
    4. Adjustments as necessary

When your dentures become loose, they can often be refitted by relining them. 

Options with Dentures:

Often patients desire more stability and retention than a removable denture can provide.  Combining dentures with implants can provide options:

  • Removable Dentures can be implant retained
  • Dentures can be permanently affixed to implants (Hybrid Denture)

We at Markiewicz Dental pride ourselves in providing our patients with dentures that are beautiful and functional.  If you are in need of dentures, contact us for a consultation at 847.566.2811.

June Newsletter: We welcome Dr. David

June 17th, 2019

[caption id="attachment_108" align="aligncenter" width="774"] Dr. David Graduation Celebration[/caption]

Catch up on Markiewicz Dental News in our June Newsletter!!

June 10th, 2019

Between the dates of June 10th and July 10th, Markiewicz Dental is running a giveaway for a Quip bundle, which includes a new Quip electric toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, and a travel toothpaste. Two winners will be chosen.

In order to be eligible participants must follow the two steps below:
1. Like us on either Facebook and/or Instagram
- Facebook: Markiewicz Dental
- Instagram: @markiewiczdental
2. In the comments section of either our FB or Instagram post, comment the name of someone you’d recommend Markiewicz Dental to.

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on both our Facebook and Instagram and notified via direct message.

Good luck!

June 10th, 2019

Technology has come to the Removalble Partial Denture

For many patients, implants are just not an option.  For years, treatment has been a metal-based removable partial denture.   We are thrilled to be able to offer an alternative.  A non-metallic, computer designed and milled partial denture.  They provide better aesthetics, fit comfortably, and are much lighter.  Our patients who have switched to these new partials, are thrilled with the results.

Which would you choose?


  • No unsightly metal clasps
  • Much lighter than traditional metal partials
  • Precision Fit with CAD/CAM Designed and Milled Technology
  • Comfortable easy insertion and removability
  • Lacks metal taste
  • no thermal conductivity when drinking hot or cold beverages

At Markiewicz Dental, we are committed to improving our patients lives through better dentistry.  If you have questions about our metal free partial dentures, call us at 847.566.2811 or request an appointment.

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