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Dental Crowns and Bridges

June 22nd, 2019

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns are restorations that allow us to restore a damaged tooth to full function.  When a tooth is too damaged to restore with a filling, a crown is often the restoration of choice to create a functional and aesthetic restoration.  These days, most crowns are tooth colored, although we at Markiewicz Dental do fabricate gold crowns when appropriate. Tooth colored crowns are not only very strong and durable, but also very aesthetic, so they can be placed on both front and back teeth.

At Markiewicz Dental use only the highest quality local dental laboratories.  Because we care for your health, we also require our laboratories to certify the materials used in the restorations we place.  We use only high noble metals in crown, and bridges and use sophisticated crowns such as zirconia and e.max  (non metal/ all ceramic crowns). You will never find any toxic materials in crowns or bridges or any prosthesis that we place in your mouth.

We at Markiewicz Dental also pride ourselves in matching crown color to your teeth.   Among the various cutting-edge pieces of technology we use is the VITA Easyshade®.  This tool is a “spectrophotometer”, which measures the spectrum of light that passes through a tooth—or, in layman’s terms, identifies a tooth’s color. This handheld device helps us match the color of our treatments to the color of your natural teeth. Using a sensor and innovative software, it identifies your tooth-shade, and aids in the creation of new restorations.

 A Dental Bridge is a restoration used to replace a missing tooth/teeth.  In addition to Implant Crowns and Removable Partial Dentures, Dental Bridges are one of the options we at Markiewicz Dental offer to replace missing teeth.  Dental Bridges are fabricated with the same high quality materials as our Dental Crowns.  A consultation at Markiewicz Dental will help you decide which restoration is appropriate for your situation.

We at Markiewicz Dental are Mundelein Dentists who are committed to helping our patients improve the quality of their lives through quality dental care.  Contact our office to find out how we can help you by calling 847.566.2811.

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Do You Have Questions About Full Dentures?

June 19th, 2019

When a patient experiences the loss of all teeth in an arch, the most common treatment is a full denture.

A full denture consists of teeth inserted in a pink acrylic base (color of your gums).  Full dentures not only allow a patient to chew, but also can provide excellent esthetics and help with speech.

At Markiewicz Dental, we have helped restore our patients to function with full dentures since 1988.  There is no need to be fearful or embarrassed.  We know how to help.

Every patient presents with unique circumstances, but four scenarios are common.

  • A patient has worn dentures for years and needs a new set. Often the patient wants improvement in esthetics and/or function.
  • A patient will be losing their reaming teeth and will need dentures for the first time. (Dentures can be fabricated prior to extractions and delivered at time of extractions)
  • A patient has no teeth, but has never had dentures.
  • A patient has either lost or damaged their existing dentures and needs a new set asap.

So, don’t worry, we at Markiewicz Dental can help.

Our process:

  1. Evaluation including needed x-rays and photographs
  2. Discussion of your unique wants and needs.
  3. A detailed treatment plan including all fees and steps (including a timeline to completion).
  4. Once treatment begins, the common steps are:
    1. Impressions of your jaws
      1. Recording of your lip position, smile, and bite to allow set-up of teeth for try-in.
      2. Selection of tooth color and shape
    2. Try-in of preliminary denture set-up. We will evaluate the denture set-up for esthetics and function.  If we all agree the set-up is ideal, we will have the denture processed for delivery.  If we want to improve the set-up, we will.
    3. Delivery of the dentures
    4. Adjustments as necessary

When your dentures become loose, they can often be refitted by relining them. 

Options with Dentures:

Often patients desire more stability and retention than a removable denture can provide.  Combining dentures with implants can provide options:

  • Removable Dentures can be implant retained
  • Dentures can be permanently affixed to implants (Hybrid Denture)

We at Markiewicz Dental pride ourselves in providing our patients with dentures that are beautiful and functional.  If you are in need of dentures, contact us for a consultation at 847.566.2811.

June Newsletter: We welcome Dr. David

June 17th, 2019

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Catch up on Markiewicz Dental News in our June Newsletter!!

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