COVID-19 Update – 10/25/2020

Markiewicz Dental Update

It has been a while since I last posted an update.

Our Team has been working hard on many fronts. At Markiewicz Dental, we provide exquisite dentistry and exquisite service in the safest environment possible. We are always working to improve your experiences at our office.

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Since we re-opened in June:

To better serve our patients:

  • We have expanded our hours and availability
  • We have added four additional team members
  • We have been adding and upgrading technology
  • We have been evaluating and adapting all our systems and protocols to improve patient experiences
  • We have been training and training and training!

To continue providing the highest quality dental care possible:

  • We continue to improve our skills and knowledge by utilizing virtual Continuing Education
  • We have added and upgraded technology
  • An unexpected result of pandemic has been an increase in collaboration with the specialists we work with. We have always worked closely with our specialists, but to our patients benefit, the pandemic has required we adapt how we communicate, and, in many ways, it has been more effective.

Patient Protection Protocols

In response to the ongoing pandemic, we implemented Patient Protection Protocols, some of which were covered in the Chicago Tribune:

Scientists have recommended a layered approach to protections. We follow them all to best protect our patients and our team members:

1. Source Control (Reducing transmission at the source):

  • This includes masking in all public areas
  • Extraoral suction in our treatment rooms during aerosol generating procedures.

2. Ventilation/Filtration:

  • This is a combination of exhaust (negative pressure), fresh air, and filtration. I kid that our treatment rooms may have the cleanest air you will breathe all day. Yep, I do regularly monitor the air quality with a meter! We monitor small particles, large particles, and CO2 levels.
  • Our treatment rooms have air change rates of 22 times per hour, increasing to 50 times per hour during aerosol generating procedures, while our public areas have air change rates of 15 times per hour through fresh air and filtration.

3. Surface Cleaning:
We continuously clean and disinfect our treatment rooms and all touched surfaces. We use electrostatic fogging and we recently added NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces to our office. We also have added touch-free dispensers, faucets, and payment systems.

4. Hand Hygiene:
Hand washing and sanitizing. We have dispensers everywhere.

Patient Protection Protocols at Markiewicz Dental of Mundelein

  • We have remodeled our office and upgraded HVAC systems to meet ventilation guidelines including adding Negative Pressure Treatment Rooms
  • We have installed Medical Grade HEPA air filtration with UV-c sterilization in our treatment rooms and added HEPA filtration throughout the office
  • We have enhanced our disinfection protocols including electrostatic fogging to assure your safety
  • We Screen every person entering our office including Team Members
  • We have adjusted appointments to accommodate social distancing
  • Masks are required while in our office (we will supply if needed)

Your wellbeing is our primary concern. We appreciate your loyalty and trust and have chosen not to charge a separate COVID/PPE fee.

At Markiewicz Dental, we provide exquisite dentistry and exquisite service in the safest environment possible. Rest assured that we will continue to re-evaluate and modify our Patient Protection Protocols. We value your trust.

Our team members are well trained and dedicated to making a difference. We are privileged to serve your needs. No question is too small or insignificant for us to answer.  Call our office anytime at 847-566-2811.

Please browse through our website for more detailed information on the many dental services that we offer.  Whether you need a Crown or Bridge, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants, Root Canals, Dentures, or a dental cleaning.

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Anthony Markiewicz, DDS, FAGD

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