January 11, 2021 The Vaccine Diary

Since the onset of the pandemic, we at Markiewicz Dental of Mundlein have made patient and team member safety our priority. As many of you have seen firsthand, we remodeled our office, upgraded our HVAC systems, installed high level air filtration systems, and introduced several protocols to safeguard us allWe have remained vigilant, guarding against “pandemic fatigue”. As we promised, we also have regularly modified protocols based on the most current information available. We promise to remain committed to your safety. 

We have created an office in which you can be safe and comfortable even during a pandemic. 

Many of our patients were fearful at first, but once they experienced all the protections we put in place, they thanked us for creating such a safe environment. Too many of our patients suffered a regression in their dental health during the pandemic. Dentistry is Essential Health Care and putting off Dentistry is harmful and should be avoided. We have created an environment you can feel confident in your safety and achieve and maintain your dental health. 

Look at a few oour over 280 Google 5 Star reviews: 


I have been asked if I think things will “go back to the way they were” when the pandemic is over. My answer: NO! We have developed a safer way to provide dental care. Why should we “go back”?  Better equipment and methods will be developed, but the fundamentals will remain in place. 

The development of vaccines has provided a ray of hope in the otherwise devastating wake of the virus, so I was thrilled last week to have received an email from the Lake County Health Department informing me I could appoint for the COVID-19 vaccine. I took the first available slot and received the first dose of the Moderna Vaccine on Friday 1/8/2021. I plan on receiving the second dose in early February. Other team members are scheduled also. 

(Registration at 

Many of us have been curious about the process and experience of receiving the vaccine.  I know I had many questions for family and friends who had already received their vaccines, so I thought I would share my experiences.  

I received my COVID-19 vaccine at the Lake County Health Department in a drive thru clinic.  It was well organized, and the staff was extremely professional. From the time I arrived, until I drove away, it was an hour. I was in the 15 min observation group. Depending on your health history, you may need to be observed for 30 min. 

I vividly remember Uncle Si (Great Uncle Dr. Simon Markiewicz who served as a surgeon in WW II under Gen. Patton as a part of the force that liberated Buchenwald) giving me most of my childhood vaccinations. He always told us “the sorer your arm was, the better the vaccine was working”. While not completely accurateI am always thrilled when my arm is sore after a vaccination. 

In 1985, as part of our Navy Officer Indoctrination, not only did we learn how to salute and march, but we also received quite a few vaccinations. Except for the uniform type, the photo is an accurate depiction of the process. Sleeves rolled up, station to station for vaccinations, TB test, Blood draws. 

Vaccine Diary: 

Overall, the only symptoms I experienced were arm soreness and some sluggishness.  If interested, below I provide more details, including fitness tracker data. I was fascinated by the data, some of you may be also…..or not. 

This Physician said it best: 


Last summer, I began wearing the Whoop fitness tracker. I began using it to monitor my sleep and health status as related to COVID-19. Upon reopening the office in June, the Whoop offered a tool to monitor my health status as related to COVID-19. also like it because you only review the data upon waking and when planning your workoutsMany professional athletes are using Whoop. Michael Phelps, LeBron James, and Dustin Johnson to name a few. 

CDC and Moderna list multiple side-effect that can last 24-72 hours, so here is a summary of my 72 hours.  

(The mRNA vaccine technology may allow development of vaccines for many diseases. A recent January 8, 2021 article shows potential for development of a vaccine for MS. It has only been tested in mice, so there is a long way to go, but this does show the broad scope researchers are exploringhoping to use mRNA technology to address human disease.) 

Friday, Day 1:  

  • Receiving the vaccine was like getting a flu shot.  I had no symptoms on the day of the vaccination. 
  • To my surprise, I received a message from Whoop on Friday evening confirming that I had received the COVID-19 vaccine, brand, and any symptoms. I texted some friends who also wear a Whoop. Only the one who was vaccinated received the message. The others did not. I did some research; Whoop has been used in Phase 3 trials and the AI picked up some physiologic change that indicated I had received the vaccine. Welcome to the future!!: 

The continuous biometric monitoring offered by WHOOP will help volunteers evaluate any changes to their health and help researchers vastly increase their understanding of the vaccine’s impact. This partnership represents the future of healthcare: using continuous monitoring and artificial intelligence to better understand the effect of drugs, vaccines, and other treatments.”  

Saturday, Day 2:  

  • I awoke feeling fine with the only symptom being an arm sore to the touch. As the day proceeded, I developed a slight headache, no fever, and some sluggishness 

Whoop Data: Solid recovery and no change to my respiratory rate. 



I compared this data to the morning after getting the Shingrix vaccine. Poor recovery and high respiratory rate. Two data points indicating very robust immune response. 




SundayDay 3: 

  • Less arm soreness, no fever, better energy 

Whoop Data Poor recovery and a higher respiratory rateEvidence of a robust immune response. The vaccine is working!! 

Monday, Day 4: 

Feel great, no arm soreness. Full of energy! 

Whoop: Better recovery with normal respiratory rate.  My body is recovering from the vaccine. 


Summary:  I experienced very slight symptoms of side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine. The data from the Whoop indicates a robust immune response. 

I will update when I receive the second dose. 

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