June 26, 2020

In one way or another, COVID-19 forced each of us to hit the pause button.  While we have all been affected by the pandemic in some way. Some of us have been hit much harder than others. For those who have lost loved ones, been ill, or lost jobs, it is devastating. Hopefully sometime soon we see effective treatments or a vaccine for COVID-19, but until then we need to learn how to live with the virus.

After almost 12 weeks of being closed, it is nice to be able to see patients again. We have missed all of you. While our Zoom team meetings kept us all in touch and allowed us to prepare to reopen, I must admit, I was tired of them. Like many of you, we now meet with masks on while social distancing. One benefit though; on a beautiful day, it is a nice change to have our meetings outside.

While we may look different, we assure you we are the same committed team. We want each encounter with our office to be exceptional. We continue to change lives through quality dentistry. Behind the masks is the same smiling team.  We have one new team member (Jennifer) and we have plans to hire a few more in the coming months.

We thank each of you for your patience and loyalty. Our team is working hard to reschedule the over 1500 cancelled dental appointments caused by the pandemic. Our remodel should be completed in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we are currently using only the two remodeled rooms. The new treatment rooms are modern and stylish, and most importantly, equipped to provide the highest level of safety for both our patients and team members.

COVID-19 required us to re-evaluate everything we do. While our practice has always been on the forefront of infection control practices, we never faced such a contagious and potent respiratory virus. We needed to make some changes, so back in March, we began to follow the developing pandemic. We studied and learned all we could. It proved to be a challenge to get things done during a pandemic, but we did, and we are proud of what we have accomplished.


  • We invested in improving ventilation and air quality
  • We isolated our treatment rooms
  • We are attempting to create a “touchless” environment
  • We have modified and established protocols to ensure your safety
  • We have incorporated electrostatic fogging of our office to ensure total disinfection

Watch for more details to follow. If you have questions or concerns, please call 847.566.2811 or email us at or

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