March 25, 2020 Update

Checking in

March 25, 2020

We hope this blog finds you well.  Our Team says hello!  We miss all of you. It is a challenging time for everyone, but we are all in this together.

Our team has remained engaged.  Many of you have spoken to Missy, Holly, or Elizabeth concerning your rescheduled appointments.  We appreciate your understanding and patience.

We have been having regular team meetings.  While not ideal, Zoom conferences let us meet from the safety of our homes.  Some of us need to work on the camera angles, or should I say, I need to work on the camera angle.  I’m less than impressed by my look!     (It is OK to laugh.  We all need a laugh these days)

Dr. David has been busy completely reorganizing the entire clinical space.  He’s removed every supply, cleaned and disinfected every shelf,drawer, and cabinet, and created an organized system with labels for every supply.

We have been taking webinars and have been involved in online conferences, doing our best to stay informed as to the latest information and recommendations concerning COVID-19.  Our priority is always to keep you safe and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure your safety.

So far, Elizabeth and I still like each other.  We each spend a portion of the day working.  Each day we head out for a walk and we talk to family and friends often.  I’m hoarse, between the Zoom conferences and telephone calls, my voice is giving out.

We have had a family “virtual cocktail” party on Facetime, a NYT crossword puzzle party, a virtual pajama party, and Elizabeth had a grade school reunion all on Zoom.  We watched a wedding of a friend’s daughter and the funeral of our Pastor’s father, all live streamed.  Families are doing their best to not let COVID-19 disrupt important and sacred traditions.  While only a few family members are allowed in the Church, the rest of the family can share the love of a Bride and Groom and the celebration of the life of a Patriarch.  While these are not traditional celebrations, they show how love really can conquer all. If your looking for a Mass, Old St. Pats has the live stream working.

Ok, on a lighter note.  Many of you know I have a Peloton bike.  I am really looking forward to this Friday.  Bubba Watson and Justin Thomas (Really…you don’t know who they are??  Golfers, and good ones at that) are challenging everyone to join the Friday 9 am CT ride with my friend @Alextoussanint25 as a way to encourage #stayactive #socialconnection #stayhome.  If you can get on the app, this will be fun.  I will be there.


We wish you all the best of health.  Stay safe.

Tony Markiewicz

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