Markiewicz Dental of Mundelein COVID-19 Safety Update

August 24, 2020

Professor Jose-Louis Jemeniz of the University of Colorado, an expert in aerosols and air pollution, published recommendations for controlling aerosols in a dental office. The great news is that you will find all of these in our office:

· Source Control via localized extraction

Brittany refers to it as our Snuffleupagus. It is our Extra Oral suction system which captures aerosols at the source and removes them. Studies show these systems greatly reduce aerosols and splatter. While it is not scientific, we have noticed how clean our face shields remain since receiving the systems. Before, our glasses and shields would have considerable splatter on them after each appointment. Now, there is none.

· Increased Room ventilation and HEPA filtration to clean, exhaust, and introduce fresh air

  • Exhaust of air from the treatment room via a roof top exhaust fan (negative pressure). Our system prevents recirculation of air from our treatment rooms back into the office
  • Fresh air from outside is introduced into the HVAC system
  • HEPA Air filtration. Each treatment room is equipped with a medical grade HEPA air filter. We monitor particulates and carbon dioxide and have discovered that the air quality in our office is much better than the air outside.

Per Dr. Joseph Allen of Harvard on the CBS evening news:

“There are some things we’re going to put in right now that will go away when we’re done with COVID – like Plexiglas barriers – but there’s some things that should stay. Better ventilation is one that should stay.”

****We also added air filters throughout the office, replaced the bathroom fans with high cfm fans, and added exhaust in our x-ray room.

Rest assured that we will continue to monitor the latest research and adapt in anyway necessary to ensure your safety.

Please call or email with questions. I am glad to share what I have learned.


At Markiewicz Dental of Mundelein, we provide exquisite dentistry and exquisite service in the safest environment possible. Rest assured that we will continue to re-evaluate and modify our Patient Protection Protocols. We value your trust.

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