Mundelein Dentists: Root Canal or Implant?


Root Canal or Dental Implant, Which is Better?

Our dentists at Markiewicz Dental of Mundelein is your choice for a Mundelein Dentist when you need to a root canal or dental implant.

When you have a dental injury or infection, saving your natural tooth should always be your first choice. Even the most advanced implants or bridges cannot truly replace your natural tooth. For this reason, if you are experiencing dental pain or discomfort you should contact our Mundelein Dentists for help.  Whether treatment is provided entirely in our office, or in collaboration with one of our excellent specialist partners, you can be confident we will provide excellent care.

If our Mundelein Dentists, Dr. Anthony Markiewicz or Dr. David Markiewicz, recommend saving your tooth with root canal treatment, you can rest assured that they will utilize the most advanced techniques.  Markiewicz Dental of Mundelein is one of the few general dental practices which utilizes both 3D scanning (CBCT) and Operating Microscopes.  Both standard technologies used by Endodontists.

After Root Canal treatment, our Mundelein Dentists will restore your tooth with a crown.

Our Mundelein Dentists can often save even the most severely injured teeth, so it pays to learn more about your treatment options. Do everything possible to save your teeth before considering extraction.

If an endodontic procedure can’t save your tooth and it must be extracted, you should consider a dental implant which will enable you to bite and chew properly, keep healthy teeth from shifting, and help you maintain a natural appearance. Carefully discuss your options for treatment with our Mundelein Dentists to ensure you pick the treatment that is best for you.

If an extraction is necessary, be sure to discuss your treatment options with our Mundelein Dentists.  Our team of highly trained dentists can discuss the options of Dental ImplantsDental BridgesPartial Dentures, and Full Dentures.  Our team is ready to help you navigate the options for treatment.

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