The Markiewicz Dental Difference and Teeth Whitening

For those looking to brighten their smile in one day, Markiewicz Dental offers profession inoffice Zoom whitening. While most over-the-counter whitening strips contain 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for whitening, our chair side light-activated whitening gel contains 25% hydrogen peroxide. This allows us to deliver a dramatically whiter smile in just 90 minutes.

What is teeth whitening?

Often due to diet (coffee, tea, wine), your teeth stain over time which can cause them to exhibit a more yellowish appearance. Teeth whitening is the process of removing those stains and brightening your teeth so they appear whiter. Typically, this process is completed through the use of either a hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide solution.

What is Zoom in-office whitening and does it really work?

While whitening strips or at-home trays require multiple applications and can take weeks or months to reach optimal results, Zoom in-office whitening offers a more rapid and dramatic whitening result for patients looking to brighten their smile immediately. During a 90 minute appointment, one of our certified whitening specialists will polish your teeth, place a protective barrier around your gums, and apply a patented 25% hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth. A Zoom whitening light is then positioned over the teeth for 4 separate 15 minute sessions. This light activates the whitening material, which bleaches the teeth and causes them to become much brighter.

Are there any side-effects to whitening my teeth?

The most common complication from teeth whitening is generalized tooth sensitivity. We recommend using a desensitizing toothpaste (like Sensodyne) at least 3 weeks leading up to your whitening appointment. The severity of sensitivity experienced can vary considerably from patient-to-patient. Often, taking over-the-counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen prior to and after your whitening appointment is beneficial to limit sensitivity.

How long will the whitening last?

How long your whitening results last is dependent on the patient and their diet. Patients who consume high amounts of coffee or tea may see their results diminish quicker than those who do not. For most patients, results last roughly 6 months. As part of your in-office whitening experience, we also fabricate you custom whitening trays that can be used at-home in the future if you wish to touch-up your teeth and improve their brightness.

What is the process for having teeth whitening done at Markiewicz Dental?

We reserve two hours for your whitening appointment. When you arrive, intra-oral photographs will be taken and your teeth will be polished to ensure they are clean prior to whitening. Then, your whitening specialist will place a protective barrier over your gums and soft tissue – this ensures they are not damaged during the whitening process. A 25% hydrogen peroxide solution will then be applied to your teeth and the Zoom light will be allowed to activate the solution for 15 minutes. This process is then repeated three other times. Following your fourth and final whitening session, all barriers will be removed and post operative photographs will be taken. We will be sure to send you a before/after comparison so you can see your own results!

Post-operative instructions following teeth whitening

Following your whitening appointment, your teeth will likely be sensitive, particularly to cold. We recommend avoiding any cold foods or drinks for the next few days. Also, it is important to avoid any foods or drinks that could possibly stain your teeth. The rule of thumb is: if it can stain a white t-shirt, it can stain your teeth. Avoid things like wine, blueberries, coffee, and tea, for at least three days following your whitening appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us prior to or after your whitening appointment!

Check out some real before & after whitening results from patients seen at Markiewicz Dental!