Jennifer F.

“Markiewicz dental just continues to wow me. I recently completed my “big treatment” with them and am so incredibly amazed by the results. Everything that I was told I could expect, was what I received. I knew what to expect at each appointment along the way and was so well communicated with through the process. I’m used to dentists that would say we will work on whatever the issue is, wouldn’t get to that issue, and it constantly felt like a “just keep coming back process” that never ended. Not here. Every appointment I had, I knew what was going to be worked on, and those goals were accomplished each time. Dr. David will tell you over and over if you are feeling any discomfort to let him know so he can help. I don’t like to verbalize when I’m in pain, I normally just try to push through but Dr. David was very observant and noticed when I became uncomfortable, even though I didn’t tell him, and he immediately paused to help me with the pain before continuing more work. Dr. David restored my smile and was confident for me when I was full of anxiety that there’s no way my teeth could be fixed how I had hoped in my head they could be. He pulled off the impossible and my friends keep joking that I’m smiling more than is necessary. I am so happy with his work and am just so thankful for him and his team. I had asked him to keep my smile natural but fixed up and nice, and that’s exactly what I got. This team is just incredible. Thank you to everyone who was apart of helping me restore my smile and confidence. We finally found our family dentist and are in the best hands.”

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